Who We Are

We are innovators in the cannabis space founded on the highest standards of quality

Pure, Balanced and Consistent - The Ultimate Trifecta!

We began in 2010 with a promise to deliver extraordinary quality cannabis extractions. Bringing together the best minds in the regulated cannabis market, Organa Brands operates the longest running CO2 extraction lab in the country- Organa Labs. With Organa Labs oil at the core of our products, we have seen unprecedented success as the first nationally scaled cannabis house of brands.

Since our inception, we’ve sought to satisfy every consumer need, while predicting market trends and creating new and innovative product offerings. As we continue to broaden our scope, we remain true to our Core Values and to our roots in exceptional Organa Labs oil.

Organa Brands and its subsidiary companies all maintain rigorous standards and ethics. Meticulous training throughout our licensee network ensures that from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine you get a consistent, repeatable experience every time. These principles reflect the original foresight to create accessible, repeatable and dependable consumer experiences.

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We demand honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We are believers in the golden rule.

We win the right way.

We value partnership.

We are all mentors.

We are stewards of our community, environment and company resources.

We support good mistakes. 1>0

We live and work with passion.

Our Team

Chris Driessen Partner; President, Organa Brands U.S.
Jeremy Heidl Co-Founder; President- Organa Brands International
Ralph Morgan Co-Founder; President- Organa Alternatives
Chris McElvany Co-Founder; President, Organa Labs
John Moynan General Counsel
Brittany Hallett Director of Marketing
Jackson Tilley Public Relations Manager

Matt Melnick Director of Operations