Organa Brands was founded on collaboration, and it remains a cornerstone of our business model. As a distributor for Organa Brands, you will be given a unique opportunity to license and distribute high-quality products from one of the most popular brands in the U.S. Licensed Distributors

We work closely with our licensed distributors to promote Organa Brands and ensure product quality. We take our relationship with our distributors seriously and provide complete training to ensure the brand’s success; this includes product extraction and formulation, sales distribution and management techniques, and PR and media training. Organa Brands licensed distributors are responsible for legal compliance with state laws, maintaining a permitted production location, trim supply for extraction, and must be committed to upholding Organa Brands product quality.

All Organa Brands licensees must go through a thorough vetting process to distribute Organa Brands products. Please bear in mind, even after being approved as a licensee, building the infrastructure to properly manufacture our products may take several years to complete.

Licensees must meet ALL of the following requirements to be considered:

  1. Submit a $5,000 up-front vetting fee
  2. Allow Organa Brands to conduct a full criminal and financial background check
  3. Submit at least two years of tax-related documentation
  4. Be able to prove business acumen in running a multi-million dollar operation
  5. Access to at least $400,000 in available capital (this is used for licensing fees, equipment lease down payment, purchase of equipment, and purchase of initial products)
  6. Have access to sufficient trim and/or plant material to satisfy local market demands

If you believe you meet each of these requirements, and are interested in becoming a licensed Organa Brands distributor, please send an email to with “Licensed Distributor” in the subject line.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive regarding licensing Organa Brands products, we ask that you only contact us if you meet ALL of the qualifications.

Retail Distributors

Organa Brands retail distributors have access to a broad spectrum of unparalleled products that appeal to every consumer. If you are interested in selling Organa Brands products at your dispensary or collective, please contact us at with “Retail Distributor” in the subject line.

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